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Star Wars

Star Wars

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Star Wars… what can you say that has not already been covered a thousand times before ad nauseum? Looking at it from a purely writers point of view and concentrating on plot – this thing is on RAILS. It is absolutely astounding how much information and exposition Lucas crams in here without it feeling the least bit tiresome or slow. In fact he engages the viewer with the exact opposite effect in his masterpiece by making us actually crave MORE. This is a lesson in the highest level of visual storytelling and plot manipulation. He pulls out every trick in the book and invents a few new ones that have been robbed and beaten to death by nearly every other big budget filmmaker since. Creatures – Check. Classic Myth character stereotypes – Check. Chase – escape plotting – Check. Ticking Clock in third act – Check. End with an impossible mission to defeat overwhelming villain – check. Not an ounce or frame of film is wasted here (except for the Jabba add on nonsense) – this is lean and classic filmmaking at it’s best. I wish that Lucas would get back to this level of storytelling. He pretty much invented the comic book method of modern filmmaking that we are perpetually stuck with with this film. Nothing will ever beat the original Star Wars for a lesson in how to plot a unique, complex and detailed action story as big as they come. 


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