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A totally solid debut that leans heavily on several of the great 1980’s classic horror films while being original and fun to watch. It Follows is essentially a chase movie – where the chase is from a slow moving shape shifting sex monster that literally wants to fuck to death… if it can catch you. All of the classic tropes are here – kids punished for having sex, parents that are nowhere to be found, half naked chicks walking around stalking people, girls running around in their panties and high heels, 80’s synth stabs… The story feels fresh since the monster is easy to identify and has a simple MO – it follows you until you pass it on. You have sex with a person that had it following them – now it follows you and must fuck someone and pass it along – or it eventually catches up and gets you – and only you can see it. Plot wise – it’s a simple chase movie – running from the Terminator. Only this terminator is a slow moving shape shifter with death sex on the mind, not guns. Playing like a mix tape of John Carpenter references – It Follows is worth studying to see how a simple twist on a great monster idea can be expanded into a competent feature film with style on a low budget.


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