$100 Special


No kidding. I don't charge hourly to edit demo reels. $99 for editing any single Demo Reel under 3 minutes and that includes encoding a web video and a full resolution master.

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You get my butt in a chair in front of about 20 grand worth of editing equipment and 15+ years of experience editing, producing and directing films working on YOUR demo reel. At the end of our session I make you whatever it is you want to leave with - web videos, DVD, hard drive footage, mai tai, pina colada, cobb salad... whatever.

But my reel is longer than 3 minutes?

Are you sure? Most reels are short and sweet. In fact many people are now posting just seperate scenes instead of using a complete reel or having a speed reel - which is a reel under a minute long.

How will I know how long my reel will be before you edit it?

I make sure your reel meets the industry standard of being 3 minutes or less no matter what footage you have or how awesome you are. If you really want a longer reel - that is fine - but usually it is also an amateur mistake. Speed reels of about a minute are actually more common these days.

But aren't there hidden fees?
No. If you want multiple demo reels or several versions of a reel then of course there is an additional charge for that extra work.

Can I mail you my footage?
Yes! Call or Email Me to set it up.

Can you rip scenes off a DVD for my reel?
Yes - unless it is scratched, skips or has some crazy format I have never heard of.

Can you rip scenes off of You Tube/Vimeo/somewere on line?

Yes - original source material and HD footage is always best if you can get it.

But I have all unfinished stuff that needs to be edited and color corrected and sound work...

Well then it souds to me like you don't have a Demo Reel that needs to be edited but a short film that needs an editor. I can easily work with raw footage to put into your demo reel - but finishing an unfinished film is not what making a demo reel is all about. When you have a short film that needs to be assembled that may go on your reel, or make up your entire reel - you need an editor. My standard editing fees for anything other than a demo reel are $50/hr. I can also give you a price for your whole project.

The Demo reel i want is not standard - I want to stand out...

Perhaps you are in need of an EPK - Electronic Press Kit - which is a longer version of a Demo Reel mixed with "slice of life" and "pseudo-reality" elements to promote a cause/product/business. EPK's need more attention and work than a simple demo reel. They usually involve lots of graphic design elements and logo's, which, it is commonly believed, will make a mediocre product, TV show or service more appealing to the average dolt. An average demo reel runs about 2-3 minutes and has minimal graphic design elements - mostly your name, video clip titles, transitions and mild color correction. A great demo reel runs under 3 minutes and sells you in under 30 seconds based on your work on screen - not the fancy work of the editor or designer - whose best efforts should be to make your reel play seemlessy and feel fast. If it ends before they can kill it - you've got a good reel.